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Heel Pain Treatment and Solutions

Heels are important for balance and movement, but we often don't think about them until we experience pain.  There are treatments available that can help you find relief and get back to feeling your best.  Denton Podiatrist Dr. David Barber offers care and support to help you find relief. Call us now to discover your therapy choices and how we can assist you in recovering.


Heel Pain Q & A

Heel pain

What is heel pain?

Many people experience pain in the back of their foot at some point.

Pain in the heel can vary in intensity, sometimes constant and other times episodic. In some instances, the source of the pain is a single incident and can be relieved by treating the root cause. 

In cases of intense or long-lasting pain, a diagnosis from Dr. Barber is recommended. He can provide treatments to alleviate the issue.

What are some possible causes of heel pain?

Figuring out the cause of your heel discomfort can aid you in determining when to get medical help. Possible causes of heel pain may include:

⦿ Plantar fasciitis
⦿ Achilles tendonitis
⦿ Stress fractures
⦿ Bone spurs
⦿ Inflamed tendons
⦿ Bursitis
⦿ Bone Infection
⦿ Rheumatoid or reactive arthritis
⦿ Peripheral neuropathy
⦿ Bone tumor
⦿ Heel spurs

Heel Pain

Before you can begin to treat your heel pain, you must first identify the cause. Discovering the various causes of this pain can be difficult, as many of the symptoms are similar. Accurately diagnosing the cause of your heel pain is essential for getting the right treatment.


Dr. Barber can help you determine the source of your pain through a physical examination, imaging tests, and other diagnostic tools. 

David Barber, DPM

What are some treatments for heel pain?

Dr. Barber starts off with a thorough diagnostic assessment. Physical exam, x-rays, and ultrasound imaging all help him gain insight into the diagnosis.

Your customized treatment path might include a combination of therapies. Some of the available options include:

⦿ Steroid injections
⦿ Taping
⦿ Orthotic devices or custom shoe inserts
⦿ Stretching exercises
⦿ Pain relievers
⦿ Physical therapy 

In certain situations, surgery is an effective solution for reducing heel pain. Dr. Barber will give you all the information you need to make a knowledgeable decision about your treatment.

Dr. Barber is investigating new tech to remedy with a minor in-clinic method. This may bring complete relief without surgery. Don't let heel pain effect your life; treatments are available. Ring the office or make an appointment online today.

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