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Bunion Treatment Options and Services

Bunions can be both unsightly and painful, and finding relief is a top priority for many residents of North Texas. Top-quality bunion treatment is available from Denton Podiatrist David Barber, DPM of Denton Podiatry. If you or a loved one are ready to explore treatment options for bunions, call the office to set up a visit or schedule an appointment online today.


Bunion Treatment Q & A


What is a bunion?

A bunion is a bony bump that develops on the side of your foot at the base of your big toe. Bunions also cause your big toe to slant toward the other toes at an abnormal angle. 

Additional signs and symptoms of bunions include:

⦿ Swelling near your big toe
⦿ Redness near your big toe, especially in the joint area
⦿ Discomfort in your toe or the inside edge of your foot
⦿ Limited ability to move your big toe
⦿ Corns or calluses on your toes

For some, bunions are only mildly uncomfortable and do not cause significant problems. However, others develop larger bunions that make it hard to find shoes that fit or move without pain. 

What are some treatments for bunions?

Your treatment path depends on the size of your bunion and the severity of symptoms. In many cases, conservative methods are an effective treatment for bunions. 

Changing your footwear is an excellent place to start. Shoes that have a restrictive tow box or are too narrow can cause or worsen bunions. 

Adding bunion pads or cushions to your shoes can also help. This type of padding provides a soft buffer between your shoes and your foot. 

Bunion examination

Shoe inserts can also be a good choice and work by changing pressure distribution as your feet move within your shoes. Some people find relief using over-the-counter options, while others need custom orthotics to find comfort. 

Icing your bunions can be helpful, especially if you only experience symptoms after being on your feet for long periods. Over-the-counter pain medications can also help relieve discomfort. 

Dr. David Barber, DPM

Are there surgical treatments for bunions?

In many cases, surgery is the best way to achieve lasting relief from bunion pain. Dr. Barber uses minimally invasive surgical techniques to remove swollen tissue, realign bones in the forefront of your foot, or straighten your big toe. 

This approach requires only a small, two-centimeter incision for mild to moderate bunions. You’ll be able to walk immediately after your procedure, and recovery time is relatively short compared to traditional open surgical techniques. 

Bunionectomy is the term used for bunion surgery and is a great way to achieve long-term results by correcting deformity in all areas affected by bunions. 

If you want more information about bunions and how the condition can be corrected, book a consultation at Denton Podiatry. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

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