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To "Practice" Medicine

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Welcome to my blog! I started my medical journey as a pharmacy technician back in 2011. I eventually shadowed multiple specialties before applying to and being accepted into medical school, then finished medical school and trained in surgery for 3 years in Brooklyn New York. Immediately after residency I bought the practice of a retiring podiatric physician in Denton, Texas.

Why I Decided to Blog

Medicine is nothing short of a fascinating mess. Between the politics, insurance billing system, errors, special interest groups, new technological advances, years of intense training, electronic medical record systems, and variety of approaches to solving one medical issue - the term "practicing medicine" feels appropriate.

The reason I am starting to blog is because many patients I have treated have encouraged it. This blog is about my perspective as an owner of a private practice and physician. Giving back to the community of North Texas is another goal I hope to accomplish by Blogging.

What to Expect

My goal is to help you as a reader learn more about the nature of medicine and helpful ways to seek medical treatment. If you are one of my patients, you already know I am very blunt. However, I am biased due to the nature of my experiences. Of course, no medical blog would be complete without mentioning that no blog can replace a proper physical examination/visit from a qualified healthcare professional.

David Barber, DPM

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