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How to Get Rid of Ingrown Nails

There is a way to fix chronic ingrown nails without needing surgery.

Dealing with ingrown nails can be an extremely frustrating experience, particularly when the nail is not in an "acute" state - meaning it's not swollen, red, or draining fluid. These chronic ingrown nails often cause pain and discomfort, which can come and go depending on how much pressure is placed on the toe.

To alleviate the pain associated with long-term ingrown nails, using a solution of urea is the most effective method. Urea acts as both a keratolytic and an emollient, softening the nail and penetrating thick layers of skin.

However, it's important to note that not all urea solutions are created equal. The quality of urea solutions can vary significantly from manufacturer to manufacturer. To ensure the best results, look for a solution that contains at least 40% urea and additional ingredients such as tea tree oil.

Personally, I recommend a solution that contains 47% urea, tea tree oil, menthol, eucalyptus oil, and camphor, which is available for a fair price at my practice. With twice daily application for a week, this solution can effectively resolve most cases of chronic ingrown nails.

It's important to note that every individual's situation is unique, and it's difficult to make generalizations about specific cases. If you have any questions or concerns, I encourage you to schedule an appointment to be evaluated.

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